PowerView Motorization and the PowerView App

Without even getting out of your chair you can control the exact amount of sunlight that gets into your house. No, you do not now have super powers all of a sudden. What you have got is even better: the PowerView Motorization window treatment operating system from Hunter Douglas. With this system installed you can control all of your blinds in your home at the push of a button. No more running around fidgeting with blinds all through your home. Simply open up the PowerView app on your smartphone and set things exactly how you would like. You can light up or darken your whole house without even getting out of bed.

The Benefits of PowerView Motorization in Honolulu Hawaii

Now, you may be saying to yourself, “But I do not really need the PowerView system. I do not mind getting up to adjust my blinds.” Well, then you need to consider a few more of these benefits. For one, the PowerView Motorization system can save you a boatload of money on your energy bills. By controlling the amount of light that gets through, you can naturally warm or cool down your house without needing to go crazy with your air conditioning or heating systems. And you can use the PowerView app to set different positions for your blinds throughout the day so they can block or let in more light. This allows the energy savings to work constantly, not just when you are home to mess with the blinds.

Another great feature is that it works all over the house. You can travel around your home and as you enter a room you can make the blinds open and close to your liking. Want it sunny in the kitchen when you are cooking but darker when no one is in there? No problem. Like it bright in the living room normally but a little darker when watching television to cut down on glare? Sure thing. Want to go to bed with drawn blinds and a dark room and then wake up open blinds to bright sunlight? You got it. With PowerView Motorization and the PowerView app, the possibilities are endless and easy to customize. Live in your house exactly the way you want, no matter what.

So now that you know more about all the great features and benefits offered by the PowerView Motorization system, get yours at Design 5 LTD, the best place for motorized window treatments – especially PowerView Motorization in Honolulu, Hawaii.