How To Clean Plantation Shutters

Your plantation shutters are a beautiful addition to your home, keeping them looking as sharp as they did upon installation makes good housekeeping and it’s simple! With Hunter Douglas’ beautiful hardwood, hybrid, and polysatin shutter options, you’ll want to treat them with the care and maintenance they deserve! Just like any other window treatment, weekly upkeep is advised, and with different material based shutters comes different maintenance techniques.

Keeping Up with Your Hardwood Shutters

Hardwood shutters add an earthy elegance to your home décor, made from real wood and constructed with dovetail jointing; these shutters are strong and made to be long lasting. In order to keep the wood looking new, keep the use of water and harsh chemicals to a minimum. Stick to dusting or vacuuming your shutters, the vacuum can be used to pick up the larger pieces of debris while a dusting towel or brush can be used to remove any excess dirt. Most experts advise vacuuming your shutters once a week with the soft bristle attachment in order to lessen the amount of dust and expand the time between deep cleans. If your shutters are textured, use the small brush to get into the harder to reach places.

Cleaning Your Hybrid Shutters

Hybrid Shutters offer a fantastic, durable half-and-half alternative to traditional wooden shutters. While technically the man-made wood half of these shutters can be cleaned with tougher cleaning materials, for the sake of the wooden aspects and grain coating I advise staying with a dry dusting cloth. If dusting alone doesn’t seem to do the trick, then move to mild cleaning solutions, be sure to dry the surfaces immediately after wetting to avoid damage. If your shutters have crevasses or tougher messes, use an old toothbrush to lightly scrub out the lint.

Maintaining Your Polysatin Shutters

The Palm Beach polysatin shutters are made to withstand higher levels of moisture and heat, the UV resistant material is certified not to chip, distort, or peel. Using cleaner or even just soapy water can remove the grime from your shutters, bringing out the best. If your shutters are located in an area outdoors that is difficult to reach, using a hose or pressure washer will take care of most of the dirt. Before using any kind of chemical or solution other than plain water, test the cleaning process on a small area that is not in full view in case of fading.

How To Clean Plantation Shutters

Remember to try to always avoid using chemical cleaners to refresh your plantation shutters, as soapy water and spot-checking with a bit of laundry detergent will take care of tougher messes without damaging the surfaces. And if your shutters are placed in an area where you will be utilizing a ladder to reach them, make sure the ladder is sturdy and leveled. The Hunter Douglas brand is proudly made right here in the U.S and each shade comes with a lifetime warranty, along with the guarantee that your shutters, with the right care, will last you many years.

If you have questions about maintaining your Hunter Douglas Plantation Shutters, call your window treatment experts at Design 5 Ltd. Your local Hunter Douglas Gallery in Honolulu, HI