How To Clean Shades And Sheers

Choosing a high quality shade or sheer from Hunter Douglas not only ensures you have a beautiful window treatment to enjoy for years, but it also means you have invested in a quality that lasts. Sheers and Shadings by Hunter Douglas come with protection that keeps the fabric looking like new for the entire lifetime of the product. Care and cleaning guidelines are found on each respective product page within the Specifications section under Instruction Guides.

Here are a few tips for cleaning your shades in Honolulu Hawaii.

Soil and Dust Resistant Products

Many of the sheers and shadings we offer at Design 5LTD require only regular dusting and periodic vacuuming. Hunter Douglas offers products that are treated with a proprietary process that allows them to repel dust, soil and stains. You can look at the complete list of these products on the Hunter Douglas website. These products require only light dusting and periodic vacuuming. The list of products with this treated fabric includes many of our Roman shades, Honeycomb shades and roller shades. Dusting your shades or sheers is effortless. If you have a light-dimming fabric, then you may need to use caution as a dust mitt or magnetic type duster could ruin the fabric. Vacuuming your shades or sheers can be done using a brush attachment. If you have a embedded vane in your product like our Silhouette® then you can use forced air to blow debris from the vane. A blow dryer on low setting or a can of compressed air work well.

Spot Treating

Many of the fabric shades require special care when it comes to spot treating. Not all headrails should be spot treated. Some fabric will not withstand regular cleaning. For this reason it is important that you download the Care and Cleaning PDF from Hunter Douglas to determine if your product can handle light cleaning. If you are able to spot clean your fabric, using distilled water is recommended. For products that can withstand spot treating, use lukewarm water on a soft cloth. Gentle detergent can be used on some fabrics.

Professional Cleaning

Some products require professional cleaning. Ultrasonic Cleaning is recommended for many fabrics. A complete list is included in the Care and Cleaning PDF. Some window treatments can be cleaned using the injection/extraction method of cleaning. In this process a cleaner is injected into the fabric and the dirty solution is immediately extracted. Proper care and cleaning of each fabric and product is included on the Hunter Douglas website or on the product page you receive when you purchase a window treatment.

Steaming Your Window Treatment

Some window treatments like our Design Studio™ Roman Shades require light steaming to retain their shape and original look. Using a steamer on low setting will give the shade a uniform appearance. Not all fabrics can be steamed so be sure and check your particular fabric.

How To Clean Shades

Unlike blinds, shades come in a larger variety of fabrics and materials. There is no one-size-fits all cleaning method for your shades or sheers. We will be happy to help you choose the correct cleaning method for your window covering and provide you with ideas to keep your window treatments looking like new. For the best results, before cleaning your product for the first time, find your fabric on the Care and Cleaning PDF charts and verify the correct cleaning method. If you have questions, contact the window covering specialists at Design 5.