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Things to Consider When Buying Blinds

Living with beautiful views in your backyard, you probably want to enjoy them from inside your home, through your home’s windows, but there are plenty of times when you want your windows covered. Many people have drapes and shades in their homes because they think blinds are generic and boring window treatments. The truth is that blinds are one of the most exciting and versatile ways to cover your windows. The designers at Design 5 have a list of things to consider when buying blinds to help you make the best choice for your home.

Hunter Douglas Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds closed with succulents in front

The Versatility of Blinds

When it comes to variable light control and privacy, blinds are the best route to take. You can tilt the slats to allow for varying amounts of natural light, ventilation, and privacy in a room. You can fully raise the blinds for a full view of the outdoors or achieve near black-out conditions by lowering the blinds and tilting the slats closed. Window blinds look great in any room, from bedrooms and bathrooms to dining rooms and kitchens. You can pair them with drapes or shutters for enhanced style, privacy, and light control.

Choosing a Material

Do you remember when blinds were all made of the same low-quality vinyl? We don’t like to think about that time, either. Fortunately, today’s window blinds are made using wood, faux wood, and aluminum. Parkland® Wood Blinds add the charm of hardwood to your home in various stains and solid paint colors. The drawback to hardwood is that it’s susceptible to moisture damage and isn’t suited to bathrooms. The good news is that EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds offer the same gorgeous look as wood blinds but have the durability of synthetic material. And for a more modern style, check out Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds. Metal blinds can stand up to a busy lifestyle without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. With many available finishes, including metallic and marble, aluminum window blinds can look fantastic in any room.

Consider the Decor Scheme

Do you want your blinds to blend in with the background or stand out? A neutral color or matte finish will help ground the space in rooms with particularly busy decor. On the other hand, a subtle color palette would look great with a pop of vibrant color or a metallic finish. You also want to make sure your blinds suit the decor scheme. Traditional decor is an ideal home for slimmer slats, while more contemporary styles look best with a wider slat. Metal blinds from Hunter Douglas are available with slats as thin as half an inch.

Contact Design 5

Are you ready to consider window blinds for your home? Contact the window treatment specialists at Design 5 to schedule your consultation. We’ve been the area’s premier Hunter Douglas dealer for more than 20 years and always offer free estimates. Ask us how to increase the value of your home and add convenience to your lifestyle with PowerView® Automation. We are happy to serve Honolulu, the entire Island of Oahu, the Kahala area, the Waialae iki area, and the Hawaii kai area, HI.