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Layering Blackout and Sheer Curtains

What do you do when you love the delicate aesthetic of sheer curtains but need the light-blocking power of blackout curtains? You layer fabric in both opacities on the same window! Layering blackout and sheer curtains doesn’t have to be tricky. When done well, you’ll have a striking aesthetic alongside outstanding functionality at your window. The Design 5 Ltd. team shares a few easy ways that you can use to master the layered look.

Neutral-colored room with large windows decorated with blinds and drapes near Honolulu, HI

The Case for Layering Curtains

Blackout curtains are fantastic when you need sleep but are all or nothing regarding light control. Sheer panels are elegant and beautifully diffuse natural light but fall short in the privacy and light-blocking categories. Using both types of curtains allows you to have your cake and eat it too, plus lets you enjoy the unique texture and depth that only layers offer. No matter what avenue you take, remember that the proper drapery hardware is essential to bring the look together.

Sheer Base

The blackout curtains take centerstage when you use sheer curtains as the base layer. Mix two solids or a solid fabric with a print and change the room’s aesthetic by simply opening or closing the blackout layer. Most blackout drapery is lined, but if yours isn’t, a sheer panel will help protect it from fading and other sun damage. A sheer base will also serve as an initial filter for light and dust, keeping your blackout panels cleaner and improving their functionality.

Blackout Base

While less common, using blackout curtains as the base layer adds a new visual interest to a space. The sheers will also be prominently displayed, and the translucent fabric provides an elegant overlay for opaque drapery. A sheer top layer will also soften the appearance of a color that may be more vivid than you like. This layering configuration also adds whimsy to bedrooms or guest rooms.

Choosing Fabrics

If you’re looking for the most visual impact, pairing a solid fabric with a print is the best. Patterned sheers look great as the top layer, as the solid backdrop of the blackout curtains will enhance and highlight the delicate printed sheer fabric. A pattern looks best when you use blackout as your top layer, especially next to solid-color walls.

However, not everyone wants to use fabric with a print, and that’s fine. We suggest using blackout curtains as the top layer if you prefer two solid colors. You can coordinate the blackout fabric with the primary color in the room and use the sheer curtains to highlight an accent hue. You can go for a monochromatic look by choosing two shades of the same color.

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