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Six Signs You Need New Window Treatments near Honolulu, HI

When was the last time you took a good look at your window treatments? Many people install their shades or blinds when they buy or build their home and take on the “set it and forget it” mindset. We undertint that impulse. You have a busy life and priorities beyond inspecting your blinds regularly, only changing them when one slat cracks, but you may need to replace your window treatments and not even know it. How do you tell? The team at Design 5 is here to let you know.

New window treatments, Hunter Douglas, window blinds, shades and drapery near Honolulu, Hawaii (HI)
  1. The most obvious way to tell if it’s time for out with the old and in with the new is if your shades aren’t working correctly. You bought window coverings for a reason. Window coverings provide light control, privacy, and protection from UV rays and contribute to a room's decor. So, if yours are no longer meeting your needs, there’s no reason to keep them.
  2. Damage and discoloration are two additional indicators that you need to do some window treatment shopping. Bent or warped slats may not prevent your blinds from functioning, but they will keep your blinds from raising and lowering properly, which can lead to further damage. Misshapen slats aren’t a great touch for any decor, and the same goes for discolored window treatments.
  3. Do you need a step ladder to reach your shades to adjust them? Does the cord from the blinds near your kitchen sink keep falling in the water? Many options today are designed solely to make your life more convenient. Motorized and cordless systems are affordable and easy to use. Why pass them up?
  4. Sometimes simply having the wrong style or color is enough of a reason to shop for new window treatments. If you’ve redecorated or remodeled since you last purchased shades, there’s a good chance they no longer fit your existing decor.
  5. Are you having trouble raising your window coverings, or do they no longer raise at all? This is not only incredibly inconvenient and robs you of the ability to have any control of the natural light, but this can also pose a safety hazard. Improper raising means the lifting mechanisms are damaged or your blinds are too large to be supported by the current lifting system. This means your window treatments can fall off the window if enough force is applied while attempting to adjust them. If you love the look of your blinds, consider using two separate sets to cover the window or enjoy custom shades from Design 5.
  6. Do you remember when you purchased your current shades? Like everything else in a home, window coverings wear out over time. This is especially true if you went with big box store bargain blinds. Treat yourself and your windows to premium quality custom Hunter Douglas window fashions.

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When you’re ready to upgrade your window treatments, get in touch with the experts at Design 5. As a Hunter Douglas Gallery dealer, we honor the Hunter Douglas Right Choice Promise®. We guarantee you’ll love your new shades or blinds; if not, we’ll help you exchange them within 21 days of purchase. We’re locally owned and operated, so we can give you the personal attention that big chain stores can’t. Our showroom is located in Honolulu, HI, and we’re happy to serve the Island of Oahu, Kahala area, Waialae Iki area, and Hawaii Kai area, HI.